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Banjup Must Be Heard !!


235 households in Banjup and Jandakot are members of the




Established in 2011, the Group has more than a third of all Banjup and Jandakot rural residents as members. Typically, upwards of 70 members attend general meetings to voice their concerns.

The Group exists to facilitate improvements in the security, safety, and amenity of Banjup and Jandakot for its residents.

The Group achieves its objects by:
  •  Making representations to government, corporations, and persons to deliver improvements to the security, safety, and amenity of Banjup and Jandakot
  • Contributing funds and resources for the improvement of amenities in Banjup and Jandakot
  • Encouraging good neighbourly contacts between Banjup and Jandakot residents


The Group has had some significant successes:

  • Persistently pressed the City of Cockburn to review their 2015/16 rates and acknowledge that their 3.5% promised rise was actually double that. Cockburn eventually agreed and refunded $1.6 million in over-collections to all Cockburn ratepayers, with Banjup ratepayers averaging $113 each
  • Convinced Cockburn Council to reclassify Liddelow Road as a "local distributor" as a precursor to discouraging heavy trucks
  • Convinced Cockburn Council to adopt more practical fire control and fire permit measures
  • Showing Cockburn Council that Banjup’s 2011 rate notices were in error, causing them to be re-issued with a rates reduction of ~$250 per property
  • Had Cockburn Council remove the restriction on the number of fire permits issued
  • Worked with the Volunteer Fire Brigade to assure the future of the Jandakot Fire Station
  • Convinced state government to spend over $2 million on road improvements that make the junction of Liddelow and Armadale Roads much safer
  • Improved road safety in Banjup by lobbying Police for more frequent speed monitoring
  • Convinced Cockburn council to allocate over $300,000 for the construction of footpaths in Banjup

The Group is currently pursuing several issues that directly affect the Banjup community, including:

  • Pressing Cockburn to install measures to discourage heavy trucks on Liddelow Road
  • Lobbying planners for clarity about future development of Banjup
  • Lobbying local, state, and commonwealth government about aircraft noise
  • Lobbying authorities to get hoons off the streets of Banjup
  • Continuing improvement in road safety
  • Monitoring the security implications of the Banjup children's home


On this web site you have the opportunity to find out more about these initiatives and to make your views known. The Group welcomes everyone's view and will strive to accommodate them in our representations to government and corporations.